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Automatic Face Mask Production Equipment

Disposable Face masks

1.Product Size:175 x 85-100mm ( adjustable )(L×W)
2.Length bridge of the nose: 100-140mm (adjustable)
3.Product structure: 
 Top sheet NW. width 200mm, 25-30gsm, white color
 Ears loops 
 Middle layer NW. white color, 20gsm 
 Back sheet NW. blue color, Width185mm, 18~20gsm  
 bridge of Nose 
Automatic Face Mask Production Equipment

1.Machine dimensions: 7000*3300*2000mm
2.Working speed: 100pcs/min 
3.Machine weight:2000KG
4.Voltage: 380V 50Hz or as required
5.Power source: 11KW( actually consumption of 6KW) 
6.Air pressure: 6~7kg/cm
7.Main Frame material: Aluminum alloy
8.Control mode: PLC
9.Method of detection: photoelectric detection
10.Ultrasonic or thermal welding systems:
11.The PLC program controls the whole machine movement, reduces the user's operation difficulty.
12.Transmission belt (USA) Gates
13.Inventor (Japanese) Mitsubishi 
14. Low voltage electrical equipment 施耐德 (France )
15.Controlling system (Japanese) Mitsubishi
16. Chinese well-known brand 




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