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Threewood Machinery Full-servo Menstrual pants / pull-up production line Leading

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"Menstrual pants of sanitary napkins" finished products of the new favorite, domestic products to start the market with cost-effective

  A wide variety of sanitary napkins, according to the form can be divided into: pads, daily use, night use, sleep pajama pants type four models, of which, sleep pajama pants, that is, "trouser sanitary napkins" as a new product in female hygiene products favored, Tmall, Jingdong, Dou Yin e-commerce research data show that 23 years Q3 trouser sanitary napkins online sales +64%, sales +23%. Compared with traditional sanitary napkins,  Menstrual pants have a better function of preventing side leakage, which can effectively avoid the problem of side leakage in women's sleep, and make women more comfortable and comfortable during their menstrual period. At the same time, the absorption amount of trouser sanitary napkins is also larger, which can better meet the needs of women during their menstrual period. Trouser sanitary napkins are popular in the market, mainly because it not only solves the practical problems of women during menstruation, but also provides a more free and comfortable lifestyle for women. In addition, the evaluation trend of trouser sanitary napkins also reflects the further pursuit of female consumers for menstrual freedom and comfortable life.




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