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Threewood Company Contribute Its Share To Fighting Against COVID-19

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the severe situation of the epidemic has affected people's heart. In this critical moment,Threewood Company has actively responded to the government's call. Since February 2020, under the leadership of Chairman Mr.Li, the company organized the epidemic prevention and control team quickly, and urgently mobilized talents in technology, production, procurement and supply, quality inspection, etc. Fight the epidemic with the strength of the whole company.


Facing the severe epidemic situation, the company actively communicated with customers and got support from them to delayed other sales orders, turned to production of mask machine with all its strength. The company  established a research and development team, and used the outstanding advantages of high and new technology enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, overcame the difficulties such as raw materials shortage, broke through the technical difficulties, and successfully completed the development of the production line of automatic plane mask machine in the first time, which contributed its share to the fight against the epidemic.




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